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Radio, TV, and Online AdvertisingTV, Radio & Online Advertising

Partner One creates the marketing plans, strategies and growth initiatives including all aspects of media strategy, selection, planning, buying, scheduling and delivery measurement across television, radio, and the internet.  Partner One has even access to television program sponsorships and celebrity endorsements, providing unparalleled credibility and exposure on the major TV networks.

Partner One benefits from an enormous media buying power to provide exceptional National media coverage, unprecedented access to premium airtime, sponsorships, endorsements and placements across all major networks and programs.


TV Infomercial and Commercial ProductionTV Infomercial and Commercial Production

Partner One creates, directs, shoots, edits and produces its own TV commercials and infomercials in High Definition. We are proud to say, Partner One has created some of the most memorable TV commercials in modern marketing history.


Regulatory and Legal Fees

Partner One Direct pays for regulatory compliance and legal fees to insure products and ad campaigns abide by all laws and regulations.


We Spread the “Brand Virus”

Partner One is a leader in bringing a product to life in the digital universe and growing sales exponentially. We create, manage and drive our brands in Google Search Rankings and across the top social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and more.

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Web and Promo Site Building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Partner One Direct creates the websites, promotional sites and also handles SEO (Search Engine Optimization), providing our products with higher rankings on Google and much greater traffic.

Our products benefit from viral campaign building and execution, website, micro-site, social media and web optimization.

About Partner One Direct

Partner One Direct has been in business for over 17 years and was established and continues to thrive by using its industry-leading marketing expertise coupled with one of the strongest financial positions in the industry to turn new products and inventions into blockbuster success stories.

With Partner One Direct, you don’t need money or know-how; all you need is an innovative product and we’ll turn it into the next big hit!

Partner with Us!

Partner with Partner One Direct and have the strength of a major organization behind your product, including virtually unlimited capital, manufacturing, and distribution.

We are in the "Success-Story" business. We take products and turn them into household names!

We are always looking for the next big hit. If you feel your product is a winner and fits our criteria, please fill out our registration form here.

Partner One Direct

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