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A Global Distribution Network

A Global Distribution Network


Partner One Direct’s full scale distribution network allows it to launch new products internationally across direct response television, the internet and all retail channels, including mass market retailers, discount warehouses, pharmacies, speciality retailers, convenience stores and more.

With offices in 10 major cities and distributors in over 1oo countries, Partner One Direct is capable of launching products globally in record time through a proprietary electronic data interchange platform which allows a continuous, seamless process from our manufacturing facilities to our fulfillment centers, to retailers and consumers worldwide.

About Partner One Direct

Partner One Direct has been in business for over 17 years and was established and continues to thrive by using its industry-leading marketing expertise coupled with one of the strongest financial positions in the industry to turn new products and inventions into blockbuster success stories.

With Partner One Direct, you don’t need money or know-how; all you need is an innovative product and we’ll turn it into the next big hit!

Partner with Us!

Partner with Partner One Direct and have the strength of a major organization behind your product, including virtually unlimited capital, manufacturing, and distribution.

We are in the "Success-Story" business. We take products and turn them into household names!

We are always looking for the next big hit. If you feel your product is a winner and fits our criteria, please fill out our registration form here.

Partner One Direct

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